Do you know an adult who needs :

Basic literacy skills ?

G.E.D./ Adult Diploma ?

Contact: Rockland Regional Adult Learning Center at Rockland High School

Telephone: 781-871-8410

Fax: 781-878-0158

Rockland Regional Adult Learning Center Mission Statement


The Adult Diploma program engages students to authentically learn in order to be better prepared for college entrance or the world of work.


Adult students and teachers will hold high standards and expectations for lifelong learning;

Adult students, teachers, administrators, and staff will understand and use a variety of strategies to enhance learning in the classroom;

Students and teachers will use assessment as a process and a tool to guide instruction, provide evidence of student progress, and aid students to become self directed;

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment will be based on inquiry which involves investigation, critical thinking, problem solving, reflection and the application of this process to the students' life situations;

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment will point to connections within and across disciplines - they link education to family, community, and work ;

Classroom approaches will draw from and are applied to students' life experiences;

Collaboration, cooperation, and partnershios among and between students, their families, learning providers, the workplace and the community will be made essential components of adult education;

The adult learning community will support diversity by recognizing that all students in a single learning environment do not have the same backgrounds, needs, and goals.

The Rockland Regional Adult Learning Center is a basic adult education grant program sponsored by the Rockland Public Schools and funded by the Adult and Community Learning Services division of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the South Coastal Workforce Investment Board.

Registration Form:

Please click below on the link titled ( registration form 2015/2016 ) to download the registration form

Open the registration form in Adobe Reader or (Mac-Preview). Print the form, write in the information boxes, and sign it.

Submit to Rockland High School / Rockland Regional Adult Learning Center.

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Registration form 2015 / 2016